Frequently Asked Questions


How to order?

Send us an email and let me know that you are ready to place an order. Please tell us what design you would like to order and how much is needed. We will send an email to the valuation and tips.


Payment and delivery

Payment can be made by bank transfer to an account the possibility of delivery by courier or mail.


What is the term of the contract?

The term of the contract: up to 2 weeks.


Fancy Wedding:

Book Date - What for?

Ordered 10-18 months before the Big Day

When the position is determined, order your card, "Book date". These go from 10-18 months before the wedding to make sure guests would be able to booked this date in your calendar.

Is it necessary?

If you are planning a wedding in the season or during the holiday period, your guests will need to book a date to be able to make travel arrangements or accommodation in advance. If you do not attained budget, it is best to print them letterpress technique optionally you can do digital printing.

Wedding Invitations - Why?

Ordered from 8-3 months before the Big Day

The invitation is the key to the bridal style. On this tab, you will be able to put various details about the wedding: wedding theme: eg. Romantic style, classic, modern ...

In what style will be your wedding? Offering guests a little insight into the style of the wedding, guests will feel excited!

Who, what, where and when?

Provide guests with important information they want! They can be traditional, mysterious, funny, any thing but there are some information that you just can not skip to the invitation, the last thing we want is to make guests showed up 3 hours late for the wedding ceremony!

Is it necessary?

If you want the guests arrived, you should give them a call!

Charter of Confirmation - Why?

10-8 ordered months before the Big Day

If you want to know how many guests are you expect for your wedding, you need a form of response. Some guests will respond immediately, while others will appreciate that they can respond through the Charter of Confirmation, or email.

Is it necessary?

If you are, you will have a traditional wedding with a meal at places guests, you really need some form of confirmation! If, however, it will be a less formal wedding is still good to know how many visitors will come. Arranging small and intimate wedding, this often means that it might not be enough space for everyone ... You appellant may propose to someone in return.

Specific Cards - Why?

For parts containing information about the address, directions or general things you need to know.

Is this necessary?

Yes, but remember most of the guests probably search in the Google place and find their own way to learn how to hit. Place a suitable location, shorten the text to a minimum.

Menu - For what?

Ordered 4-2 months before the Big Day

The menu can be ordered for each person or 1-2 for a table that guests could find out what dishes will be served.